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Quick View Christmas Reindeer Kitchen Towel

Christmas Reindeer Kitchen Towel

Get into the festive spirit! Printed in reds, greens and browns and featuring reindeer illustrations as well as boxwood, cedar, pine cones, winterberries and snowberries, this colorful kitchen towel will cheer up any kitchen, around the holidays or any...
Quick View Highland Cow Love Kitchen Towel

Highland Cow Love Kitchen Towel

Illustrating a tender moment sure to warm your heart, the Highland Cow Love Kitchen Towel features lovable highland cows on a patchwork-style background of lush green fields and rolling hills, printed in earthy tones of orange, green and brown. Made of...
Quick View Woodland Creatures Kitchen Towel

Woodland Creatures Kitchen Towel

Printed in the vibrant lilacs, earthy greens and browns of the forest, the Woodland Creatures Kitchen Towel features hand-drawn illustrations of iconic woodland creatures, including a fox, hedgehog, wild rabbit, and red squirrel, as well as beautiful...
Quick View Christmas Garden Table Runner

Christmas Garden Table Runner

Add festive cheer to your dinner table. Printed in deep reds, greens and browns, this illustrative design features popular winter florals such as cedar, boxwood, Scot’s pine and Douglas fir needles, snowberries, winterberries and pine cones...
Quick View Woodland Robin Kitchen Towel

Woodland Robin Kitchen Towel

Printed in warm brown tones with a pop of bright red, the Woodland Robin Kitchen Towel features a single robin perched on a branch of holly berries. This festive design will warm any kitchen, around the holidays or any time of year. Made of 100%...
Quick View Highland Cow Kitchen Towel

Highland Cow Kitchen Towel

Printed in bright orange, fiery red and warm pink, the bold design of this Highland Cow dish towel is sure to warm up any kitchen. The tough look of the ‘heilan coo’ is offset by the delicate and pretty fir tree...
Quick View Clever Puffin Kitchen Towel

Clever Puffin Kitchen Towel

With its iconic orange beak and its ability to fly and dive, the Clever Puffin is a firm favorite among animal lovers across the globe. Printed in black, blue and orange, this practical but fun kitchen towel features a hand-drawn...
Quick View Woodland Robin Double Oven Gloves

Woodland Robin Double Oven Gloves

$35.00 On Sale
These stylish double oven gloves will brighten up any kitchen as well as help keep your hands safe from dishes too hot to handle. The design features a delicately drawn robin sitting on a branch of holly berries in warm brown and festive red colors...
Quick View Watercolor Map of Scotland Kitchen Towel

Watercolor Map of Scotland Kitchen Towel

This vivid watercolor map of Scotland, printed on a high-quality kitchen towel, will look great whether you use it every day or as colorful wall decor. Designed on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, all EJayDesign kitchen towels are...
Quick View Scottish Icons Kitchen Towel

Scottish Icons Kitchen Towel

This fun and very practical kitchen towel is sure to put a smile on any face, featuring all things Scottish from castles and thistles to haggis and puffins and pipers, depicted in hand-drawn illustrations on a bright sky blue background. Made of 100%...
Quick View Tartan Highland Cow Kitchen Towel

Tartan Highland Cow Kitchen Towel

The Tartan Highland Cow kitchen towel is a fun, colorful celebration of Scotland’s shaggiest and iconic native, the Highland Cow. Features a pen and ink drawing of the lovable 'hielan coo' on a hand-drawn tartan background in vivid orange and red...
Quick View Flower of Scotland Thistle Kitchen Towel

Flower of Scotland Thistle Kitchen Towel

This beautiful tea towel will add a bit of Scottish art to your kitchen. Features an original drawing of the jaggy and iconic Scottish thistle, the 'Flower of Scotland,' in dramatic shades of purple, lilac and navy, with a few bumblebees for more color...
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