Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument

Jonathan Wheeler Art
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Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument by Jonathan Wheeler

Never taken by force, Stirling Castle dates back over a thousand years and as such, is one of Scotland’s greatest stone castles in existence today. After a huge refurbishment, visitors can today admire the Royal Palace—the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots— as never before.  

Nearby and seen from the Castle, is one of the most distinctive landmarks on the Stirling skyline—the national Wallace Monument, which commemorates the Scottish patriot and martyr who triumphed over King Edward's army at The Battle of Stirling Bridge. 

All of Jonathan's prints are printed on acid free paper, using pigmented inks that meet archival lightfast standards in terms of UV exposure. They come mounted on acid free white core board. All prints are signed by the artist.

Size: 9" x 5.5" (including mat)