MacDonald Clan Tartan Scarf

Lochcarron of Scotland
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Descended fron Donald, grandson of Somerled of the Isles, this is the oldest and most famous of all Scottish clans.  The Lord's of the Isles held sway over large territories and ruled as independent princes.  They supported The Bruce in his struggle for Scottish Independence, but their claim to the Earldom of Ross brought them into conflict with the Crown.  Alexander of MacDonald was acknowledged Earl of Ross in 1411, but the title was forfeit in 1494.  

Many branches exist of this once powerful clan, and also numerous septs or "broken clans" who took protection from them.  The MacDonald's supported the Royal Stuarts, and their prowess in battle and clan fueds made them feared and respected.

100% Lambswool scarf, approximate dimensions are: 10" x 71"