For Peat’s Sake!

So plane tickets to Scotland aren’t on the horizon again this year? Well, why not bring a few pieces of Scotland into your home … and burn it! That’s right, Scottish Burning Peat is a unique and authentic way to add a wee bit of Scotland to your home.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning peat. It’s the smell you notice as you’re driving through the countryside past Highland cottages and through small villages. It’s sourced in places like the Highlands, the Hebridean islands and in Aberdeenshire at the base of the Grampian Mountains. Peat has been a source of heat in Scotland and Ireland for hundreds of years, since the cutting of the Caledonian forests and the unavailability of coal for fuel.

While peat’s role as a widely-used primary heat source has diminished, there are still communities in the Hebrides that have annual allotments that can be cut for personal use. These days, peat has taken on another role —in the whisky industry.

Many distilleries burn peat underneath the malt and barley, to impart that signature smoky flavor prevalent in some single malts. Peat is also used by businesses that specialize in smoking seafood and meats—if you ever see peat-smoked salmon on offer at your local restaurant or market, give it a try. 

At Caledonia’s Best, we sell two varieties of peat: a Dry variety, perfect for using in your fireplace, woodstove or outdoor fire pit; and an Undried variety that creates more smoke, perfect for brewers, distillers, and smoking food products. Enjoy!