Tweed Stag and Hinds Placemats

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Set of 6 placemats

These placemats feature two striking sillouettes of the Scottish red deer. One has the iconic stag, and the other is of young hinds (females) in a group. Both are silhouetted with a dark brown checked tweed pattern. Classic white background fits in well with other table decorations.

Set includes 3 placemats of each silhouette design.

Placemats are rounded at the edges, with soft felt backing, and sealed and finished with a hard wearing lacquer for durability.  Heat resistant up to 225º.  Wipes clean with a wet cloth.

Each placemat is 11" by 8", slightly smaller than a traditional cloth placemat. Perfect for every day, as an accent on a larger table setting, or when you need to fit a few more guests around the table!