Burns Check Tartan Scarf

Lochcarron of Scotland
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A very handsome shepherd check of black and white, in honor of the Scottish national bard Robert Burns!

Born in 1759, Robert Burns penned many of his immortal verses while living in Mossgiel, near Mauchline. He died in the Burns House in Irish Street, Dumfries, at the early age of 37.

The Burns check was first produced in the bi-centenary year of 1959. The design contains the Shepherd Check of black and white to remind us of the farmer. A Hodden Grey overcheck recalls the famous line in his poem "A man's a man for a' that," and two soft green lines through the overcheck symbolise the fields and meadows where most of his thoughts were born.

100% Lambswool scarf, approximate dimensions are: 10" x 71"