Scottish Burning Peat Undried

Scottish Burning Peat
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From the smell of the smoke coming from a cottage in a Highland glen, to the lingering after taste of a smoky single malt, there's nothing quite like Scottish peat.

Undried or "wet" peat is used by brewers, distillers, and smoked food producers here in the US as it creates more smoke when burned than the dried peat we sell. If you'd like to try it for your own home brewing or smoked fish or meats, the undried peat will impart a heavier peat flavor than the dried version.

The undried peat comes packaged in a plastic bag inside of a burlap bag to help keep it from drying out. Each bag weighs approximately two pounds.

Caledonia's Best is the sole importer of Scottish Burning Peat to the US—ya canna get it anywhere else!