Lochranza for Men Exfoliating Bar Soap (formerly Bay Citrus)

Arran Aromatics
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All Arran Aromatics product lines have been rebranded under the new brand name Arran, with new packaging, new names and larger product sizes. The fragrances themselves have not changed.

Bay Citrus has been renamed Lochranza.

Stir your senses with citrus top notes blended with wooded spice. Lochranza exfoliating soap for men is an herbal blend combining the soft notes of cedar and vetiver, invigorated by the warm spice of patchouli, bay and anise.  Enriched with added oatmeal, this triple milled soap effectively cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The moisture rich, vegetable-oil base is packaged in a distressed metal travel tin.

A moisturising vegetable oil base soap for all skin types using sustainably sourced palm oil.

200g bar