Glen Iorsa (formerly Island Spa) Lavender Hand Lotion

Arran Aromatics
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All Arran Aromatics product lines have been rebranded under the new brand name Arran, with new packaging, new names and larger product sizes. The fragrances themselves have not changed.

Island Spa has been renamed Glen Iorsa.

Glen Iorsa is a timeless infusion of lavender, geranium and sage, lifted with a twist of spearmint.

This indulgent hand cream is a nourishing blend containing vitamin E and jojoba seed oil to promote moisturised skin. Also contains actives of aloe vera leaf juice and lavender oil, which are known to soothe. Massage into clean, dry skin until fully absorbed.

Moisturising and nourishing in a non-greasy formula. Packaged in a convenient pump action bottle.

New larger 300ml bottle.